Who & Why

Gamer Adventures was created to offer gamers and their families and friends a fun way to combine gaming and everything and everybody else.

I’m a mild-mannered travel agent, married to an above-average gamer. As a card-carrying Gamer-Widow, I used to think that “rolling a D-10” was some kind of gamer code for girl’s bra size. I’m still not sure that I was ever told the truth.

One thing that I am sure of is that gamers are a breed unlike any other. They are not your passive vacationer. They are addicted to the hunt, the strategy, the fantasy and the conquest. I’m addicted to venturing where nobody OR everybody has gone before, doesn’t matter to me.

How do you combine the two? How do we encompass that with kids? With others that don’t share the passion for gaming, history or magic but are a lot of fun to hang with? That’s what we tried to find out. We grabbed a bunch of friends, family and kids, gamers or not, and took them on a Mexican Cruise. What a Blast! We picked a venue that kept everyone happy no matter what their idea of a vacation was.

So…we’re branching out, taking everybody with us. We are starting our adventures with two cruises departing from either coast and heading towards the tropics… the Tropic of Cancer to be more exact! We’ve got games, we’ve got pools, we’ve got gambling, we’ve got shows, we’ve got great dining 24/7. And that is just on the ship! We are also going to get off the ship and experience different lifestyles, sample new flavors, shop, bar hop and carouse. Come with us! Let’s have some fun!!!