We will be flying into the port city, how do I get from the airport to the port?

You have a lot of options here. In all scenarios, it is suggested that you arrive the day before, spend the night and head to the port the next day. Lost luggage or a flight delay can be corrected with a just bit more time on your part. Your travel coordinator, Kimberly Maita, can make all the arrangements for you and your friends or family. As we get closer to the cruise date, she will be sending a bunch of options your way. Just let her know what you want to do and she will coordinate it for you.

We are four gamers who want to room together to cut costs, what do you suggest?

Well, the four of you are going to have a lot of fun! It would be our suggestion that you chose a balcony stateroom. It is a bit larger AND the door opens to allow some fresh air into the cabin. We wouldn’t want our gamers to get gamey, but if you don’t mind, we don’t mind. ALTHOUGH, try to keep the gamey in the room please, we are not above pulling you behind the ship if necessary.

Are children welcome?

Absolutely! Gamer Adventures is not planning to have activities for children; however, Camp Carnival (the kids program on board) is an excellent place for kids. They have a real activity program with arts and crafts, dances, swimming, slumber parties, etc. It’s not just babysitting and it’s free most of the time. They do charge for services between 10:00 pm and 3:00 am. There is also a teen program with hangouts, private disco’s and a video arcade (extra).

What if I want a stateroom all to myself?

No problem, however pricing is double occupancy so you get to pay for your imaginary roommate (but he’ll give you his half of any credit).

Do I need a passport?

If you are a US citizen and if the cruise departs and returns to a USA port; you do not need a passport at this time. You will need a government issue ID and a certified copy of a birth certificate. If you are military, a legal resident or have any other documentation or ID other than the above, please contact us at Gamer Adventures and we will help you figure out exactly what you need.

How does it work when a gamer wants to bring a non-gamer?

Cruise price is the same, only the gamer pays the registration fee if applicable. Non-gamers are invited to the cocktail party, if age 21, and will partake of any shipboard credit per cabin. On a cruise ship, there are activities enough for everyone at any age. We do request that children be with their parents in the gaming rooms if they are not taking advantage of the Camp Carnival. We do not determine who sits with whom at a dining table but it is usual that cabin occupants sit together. You can request to sit with more or different people or request not to sit with someone, i.e., would prefer not to have children at your table. We will do everything we can to make sure that you have a great time.