What do you get when you cross a Gamer and a Travel Agent?
Trekkie? Nope… wait for it…

Gamer Adventures!

Gamer Adventures was created to offer gamers and their families and friends a fun way to combine gaming and everything and everybody else.

I’m a mild-mannered travel agent, married to an above-average gamer. We began due to the fact that as a non-gamer, I was tired of accompanying my husband to conventions and events that offered very limited experiences for the non-gamer. So we grabbed a bunch of friends, family and kids, gamers or not, and took them on a Mexican Cruise. What a Blast! We picked a venue that kept everyone happy no matter what their idea of a vacation (or gaming) was.

We felt we had a great product in this combination of gaming and vacation. We are not, nor do we try to be a convention. We are a vacation with games…lots and lots of games. We’ve got games, we’ve got pools, we’ve got gambling, we’ve got shows, we’ve got great dining 24/7. And that is just on the ship! We are also going to get off the ship and experience different lifestyles, sample new flavors, shop, bar hop and carouse. As we enter our fourth year, we could not be happier with our growth and industry contacts and friends.

Not only do we have multiple cruises planned for the future, but we have expanded to included services to individual gamers and game businesses and corporations. If you are a gamer, we want to be your travel agency.

Future projects include… personalized company retreats, tours, events and meetings. It is our goal to encompass all of the fun of gaming no matter how you are related to the industry.

We are very committed to customer service, our reputation to offer unique ideas for the same ole thing and your opinion of our company, our events and our networking abilities. Come along with us for loads of opportunities to game, converse, exchange ideas and network with other gamers, retailers, publishers, manufacturers, distributors and their families and friends.

We are always open to other ideas and would love to talk about sponsorship, advertising, fundraising and equity sharing. We love what we do and hope we can encourage gamers and any gaming affiliate to jump on board and lets us take you on a Gamer Adventure!